Ordinance Regulations

In 1981 the City Council adopted a Zoning Ordinance to regulate the use of land in Missouri City. The ordinance classifies uses of land into zones of commercial, residential, and industrial districts. Uses in established zones are required to follow district regulations for allowances with regard to height, area, architecture, landscaping, signage, and other categories.

Procedures that govern proposals for changes to zoning standards, rezoning, are also included in the zoning ordinance. Zoning establishes minimum standards for the use of land and promotes the health, safety, and general welfare of the city and its residents.

Zoning Application Categories

Zoning applications must be signed by the owner of the affected properties. Zoning applications typically fall into three categories:
  • Planned Development - This type of application is generally utilized in complex mixed-use projects where typical zoning restrictions will not allow the highest and best use for the property and where the property owner and the city desire to establish site-specific criteria that will govern development and use of the property
  • Rezoning - Changing the approved zoning district to allow for a proposed use
  • Specific Use Permit - In certain cases, an allowable use within a zoning district is only allowed by a specific use permit because it has been determined that the use is only appropriate when site-specific conditions can be placed on the proposed use

Zoning Resources

Zoning Verification Letters

A verification request for zoning, variance or nonconforming use may be made through the submission of an application for Zoning Verification. A zoning verification letter can be provided to verify the current zoning of a property, indicate if a specified use is permitted, verify any approved Board of Adjustment variances for the subject property or verify if a nonconforming use has been identified for the subject property.

A zoning verification letter does not certify the conformance or non-conformance of existing structures.

A zoning verification letter does not detail certificates of occupancy or violations on the property. To obtain
this information, please contact the City Secretary’s Office.

Please contact Jennifer Thomas Gomez by calling 281.403.8547 for more information or view the Application for Zoning Verification to make a request.

Child Care Site Review

Approval of child care facilities in a home or in a commercial business requires a separate review and approval. Please contact the Jennifer Thomas Gomez by calling 281.403.8547 for more information or view the Commercial Change of Occupancy Form to begin the process.