Assistant City Managers

Bill Atkinson

Bill Atkinson joined Missouri City in 2007 as assistant city manager. He brings more than 20 years of experience including 13 years as a city manager to this position. Prior to coming to Missouri City, Atkinson was the city manager for the City of Sachse, in the Dallas Metroplex for eight years, and he started his career as the City Manager for five years in Dewey,Oklahoma.

Memberships & Education He is a member of the International City / County Management Association and have served on numerous committees for the Texas City Management Association.

Atkinson earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from the University of Central Arkansas, a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Arkansas and 2014 graduate of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs Public Executive Institute.

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Glen Martel

Glen Martel is no stranger to tackling obstacles. The new Assistant City Manager of the City of Missouri City brings 35 years of experience in the Nevada Air National Guard and the United States Air Force to the “Show Me City,” and his military experience and leadership highlight why he was chosen as the new Assistant City Manager.

Martel currently serves as Brigadier General and Chief of Staff in the National Guard, and he is responsible for implementing all policies and planning for 1,200 Airmen. Because of his success in managing, his new role with Missouri City oversees the Public Works department, Development Services department, and the Parks & Recreation Department.

“I think all three teams are solid, so they’ve been able to get me caught up on a lot of the things that are going on and identifying some of the challenges we face,” Martel said. “But they are also bringing forward some solutions that we can put in place to improve processes and timeliness.”

While new leaders are introduced to all ongoing projects, some projects require heightened attention. For Martel, one project stands out as the most demanding one: the expansion of the Regional Surface Water Treatment Plant.

Glenn Martel Collage

“We’re upgrading from 10 million gallons [of water] a day to 20 million gallons a day for the city. That’s a large project that costs $14 million, and it should last 16 to 18 months,” he said regarding the City’s largest Capital Improvement Project to date. To see Martel touring the RSWTP with staff and learn more about his professional experience and expertise, View MCTV Video

“We’re about halfway through that right now, so at the end of that, we’re going to have all the water we need. I have been involved with projects like this in the past so the projects themselves are not new, although some of the methods are a little bit different.”

Martel believes that adding fresh eyes to not only a project of this magnitude, but also for growth in general, can prove to be a big benefit as the city continues to build out for years to come.

“We are very grateful to have Glen Martel join our staff,” said City Manager Anthony Snipes. “His experience and leadership will help us take Missouri City to the next level.”

Although Martel is already spearheading projects, he knows the importance of learning the operational side of City staff. His emphasis in his first 90 days was educating himself on the people he now calls colleagues to ensure the City still runs at a high level.

“As far as learning goes, I’d probably give myself a B+ to an A- because there’s more to learn than I anticipated, but that’s a positive because I always like to learn more.”

Martel plans to take his strides in small increments. After successfully completing his first 90 days, he now plans to use the next three to six months to get further involved with staff to find opportunities for improvements.

“I’m looking forward to looking at actual processes where you can start to put some of these experiences in the learning curve to work.”

While overseeing various projects presents unique challenges, one of the toughest tasks Martel faces is adjusting to life in southeast Texas.

“I didn’t really know what to expect. Coming from Nevada into Texas not only from a climate standpoint but from a community standpoint, every city and every state has their house, their background, their priorities and their pride,” he said. “The big one obviously for my wife and I was the weather in Nevada. We came from this high desert, very low humidity to coming here in the latter part of July, and it was very hot and humid. We’re getting used to that and enjoying it, it’s something different for us.”

As Martel adjusts to life in Missouri City, he has made it a top priority to not only understand the residents that make up the community, but to also see the views they have for the city’s future.

“The community events I’ve had the chance to attend with my wife were very well attended, and people are very excited about being in Missouri City,” he said. “[Residents] give us feedback, and they’ve come up with great ideas in the meetings I’ve been to. You get engaged with the citizens, so I think it’s a very positive first step.”

Martel understands the importance of working with residents to keep moving the city forward, specifically when it comes to economic development, and knows the value of working directly with leaders to achieve this goal.

“We had the business leaders come out and attend the ‘Doing Business with the City’ event, and it was good,” he said. “There was a cross-section of folks getting out and getting engaged and them being willing to talk was really encouraging for me.”

Martel has been entrusted to help Missouri City stay on top of success, but he knows it takes everybody to buy in to achieve this goal. He replaced Scott Elmer, who retired in November, 2018 after 23 years of commitment and excellence. 

“I’m looking forward to working with the citizens and please continue to be involved. That’s the only way we can continue to make Missouri City better,” Martel said in a message to residents. “Any ideas you have and any opportunities for improvement you have, please bring them to me and I’m more than happy to talk with you.”

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