2020 Special Runoff Election

In accordance with the Texas Election Code, the City of Missouri City will hold a Special Runoff Election on December 12, 2020, to elect a Mayor and City Councilmember At-Large Position 2. Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot.

  • Mayor
    • Robin J. Elackatt
    • Yolanda Ford
  • City Councilmember At-Large Position 2
    • Chris Preston
    • Lynn Clouser

The early voting period will be from Monday, November 30, 2020 to Tuesday, December 8, 2020. The terms for office will be through November 2022. 

Special Runoff Election: Election Day Polling Locations

Special Runoff Election: Early Voting Polling Locations

Runoff Election: Important Dates

Runoff Election Notice: English and Spanish

Runoff Election Ordinance O-20-45: English and Spanish

Political Signs on City Owned Property/Carteles políticos en propiedad municipal 

Missouri City Precinct Map (by City Council Districts A, B, C and D)

Political Sign Wording Concerns 

  • Questions or concerns regarding political sign wording must be directed to the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) at (512) 463-5800 or online.
    • The City will not report political sign wording concerns to the TEC.  Should you have political sign wording concerns, YOU are responsible for notifying the TEC.  

Political Sign Placement Concerns

  • Questions or concerns regarding political sign placement must be reported to the City’s Code Enforcement Division by accessing SeeClickFix and selecting "New Request." 
    • The City will not report political sign placement concerns to the City’s Code Enforcement Division.  Should you have political sign placement concerns, YOU are responsible for notifying the City’s Code Enforcement Division.  

Political Signs in the Right of Way (ROW)

  • Political signs placed in the ROW will be picked up by Code Enforcement.  
    • Further information from Tx DOT Right-of-Way Campaign Signs may be accessed here.  
    • To schedule sign pick up, please call 281-403-8560.

Political Signs on Private Property

  • To place political signs on private property, a candidate must receive permission by the property or business owner.  
    • Should a property or business owner call the City to state a candidate did not receive their permission before placing political signs on their property, the owner will be advised to remove signs placed on their property at their discretion.  

For additional information or if you have any questions regarding the City of Missouri City Elections, please contact Maria Jackson, City Secretary. 


City of Missouri City 

Official Results for the 

November 3, 2020 General and Special Election

Fred G Taylor6,73620.88%
Robin J. Elackatt9,900   29.80%
Yolanda Ford16,584  49.92%

Runoff Election will be held on December 12, 2020 with Robin J. Elackatt and Yolanda Ford.

Councilmember At Large Position #1TotalPercent
Vashaundra Edwards15,104   50.97%
Reginald Pearson14,531    49.03%

Vashaundra Edwards has won the Councilmember At Large Position #1 race.

Councilmember At Large Position #2TotalPercent
Chris Preston13,006    42.61%
James Mable3,454 11.32%
Lynn Clouser14,060    46.07%

Runoff Election will be held on December 12, 2020, with Chris Preston and Lynn Clouser. 

Proposition A: Adoption of the fire fighters’ and police officers’ civil service law.TotalPercent
For27,304    81.97%
Against6,004    18.03%

Proposition A has passed.

Official Results

For more detailed information of the precinct by precinct results, please visit the election pages for Fort Bend County and Harris County or contact the City Secretary at 281-403-8500 or by email.